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Portable Car Wash Machine
  • Portable Car Wash MachinePortable Car Wash Machine

Portable Car Wash Machine

Portable Car Wash Machine Made in China can be bought with Low Price from Hangyu, which is a professional high quality Products Manufacturers and Factory in China. We provide Customized Products service. If you want Pricelist and Quotation, you can ask us by leaving a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Product Description

Portable Car Wash Machine

• Model:501

• Power: 1250 w

• Pressure:120Bar/17500 Psi

• Rated Flow: 1.27 GPM

• Max.Water Inlet Temperature:104℉/40℃

• ProductSize:248*248*267 MM

• CartonSize:325*260 *490 MM


Portable Car Wash Machine features push-button starting and run more quietly and cleanly than gas models. They’re also lighter and require less maintenance. Although corded models aren’t as portable and don’t offer the upper power ranges of gas-powered models, machines that use electric power work well for most light- to heavy-duty jobs, removing dirt and grime from patio furniture, grills, vehicles, fencing, decks patios, siding and more. 

While corded models are more common, making many cleaning jobs even easier. These highly portable, handheld models are easier to store, and some include detergent reservoirs, adjustable nozzles or brush attachments.

2.Prons & Cons



 Ideal for light and medium cleaning tasks

 Doesn't powerful enough for commercial use.

 Total Stop System


 Lightweight and easy to use


 IPX5 waterproof


 Safety lock can avoid misoperation


 Enough Long high-pressure hose, so you can clean a wider range

3.Package Contents:

1) Portable Car Wash Machine-1pcs
2) Spray Gun-1pcs
3) Extension Wand-2pcs
4) 5 Meters High-Pressure Pipe-1pcs
5) 5 Meters Power Cable-1pcs
6) Cleaning Pin-1pcs
7) Crystal Inlet Adaptor-1pcs
8) Sprayer Gun Holder-1pcs
9) Instruction-1pcs

4.Various Pressure Washer Nozzles Application

1) 0 degrees (red nozzle) is the most powerful, concentrated nozzle setting.
2) 15 degrees (yellow nozzle) is used for heavy-duty cleaning.
3) 25 degrees (green nozzle) is used for general cleaning.
4) 40 degrees (white nozzle) is used for vehicles, patio furniture, boats and easily damaged surfaces.
5) 75 degrees (black nozzle) is a low-pressure nozzle used to apply soap and other cleaning agents.

5.Pressure Washer Storage and Maintenance

Turn It Off

Turn off the pressure washer and unplug it from the outlet, then turn off the spigot or cut off the water source. Squeeze the trigger on the gun a few times until all water pressure is relieved and any remaining water has drained out.

Wrap up the Hose

Remove the garden hose from the spigot to disconnect the pressure washer from its water source. Be sure this is done last since you should never run a pressure washer without flowing water.

Keep it Warm

Now that you've taken care to disassemble and organize your pressure washer and its parts, don't leave it out in the cold. You'll want to store your pressure washer in a place that won't reach freezing temperatures. Unless you've run pump saver through it, your pressure washer pump could freeze and crack if left where temperatures drop below freezing.


Q: What’s kind of Certificates do you have ?

A: We have CE, CB, ROHS Certificates approved by SGS.

Q: What is the minimum quantity for the trial order ?

A: There’s two kinds of MOQ based on your need. 100pcs for factory neutral standard packaging; 500pcs for customer design packaging.

Q: How long is the factory’s lead time?

A: 45days after the packaging design has confirmed.

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