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What do I need to use a high pressure washer at home?


The main elements needed for using a pressure washer to clean a car at home are:


A mild detergent

A water source

A power source

Enough space to clean the car outdoors, preferably in a garden or on a driveway.


Steps on how to use a domestic/home pressure washer:

Step 1–Use the right equipment


So, you’ve got your pressure washer ready to use. But before you begin it’s important to have all the accessories and detergents ready too. We suggest using the detergent bottle which comes with our  Pressure Cleaner, the bottle is suitable for domestic use and releases just enough detergent during the cleaning process for an excellent result to be achieved. Fill the detergent bottle with 250ml of a mild detergent (suitable for cars) and then fill the bottle to the top with water.


Step 2–Screw in all the parts


Once the detergent bottle is full and ready, screw the detergent feed nozzle and bottle to the Gun and Trigger part of the pressure washer. Double check that everything is screwed on tightly and properly.


Step 3–Connect to water


You now need to connect the pressure washer to a water source which usually comes in the form of a garden tap and hose. Connect the water feed to your pressure washer and turn the tap on fully to ensure enough water is flowing to the pump.


Step 4–Connect to power


Once the water is connected and fully on, connect the pressure washer to a power source via a plug using an extension cable that is no longer than 15m. Turn on the power on your extension cable and then turn on the switch on the pressure washer. In the case of the OLinda  Pressure Cleaner, it has an auto stop trigger which will only activate the motor once you engage the trigger.


Step 5–Set the right mode


Most pressure washers give you a mode option which offers minimum or maximum water flow. The pressure depends on you really, but we suggest turning the dial to min if the car is not very dirty or maximum for heavily soiled, muddy cars. Remember to also turn the dial to select the mode on the bottle with nozzle to determine how much detergent you want to spray on your car too.


Step 6–Go for it


Engage the trigger and start spraying the detergent mixed with water onto your car. Once the car is fully foamed, wait two minutes and spray the car once again with just water to remove the detergent. This should bring an excellent all-round clean result to the car.


Step 7–Dry the car and relax


All that’s left to do is to dry the car with a good quality chamois. Then fix yourself a cold, refreshing drink, find a comfortable chair and just relax.

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