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Working principle of high pressure washer machine


The working principle of the high-pressure washer machine is that the three-cylinder plunger pump is driven by the motor to form high-pressure washer flow, and the surface of the object to be cleaned is washed by the plate type spray gun. It is characterized by independent design, novel and compact structure, light weight, flexible and convenient operation, easy maintenance, stable and reliable performance, strong cleaning force, water saving and energy saving.

High pressure washer is generally divided into two, with hot and cold water, but generally we often use hot water high pressure cleaner of the pressure is not higher than 250 bar, hot water high pressure washer is mainly used to clean the difficult to wash the dirt, hot water high pressure washer is to use expansion pipe for heating, in the water after expansion pipe, expansion pipe pressure is big, If the capacity of the expansion tube is not increased, the pressure of the hot water high pressure cleaning machine will not increase.

If the pressure on the expansion tube increases, the cost will increase. Therefore, the working pressure of hot water high-pressure washer machine will be about 200bar. When high pressure is used, high-pressure cold water cleaning machine is generally used to achieve the cleaning effect by its working pressure. When oil stains and all kinds of stubborn stains need to be cleaned, hot water high-pressure cleaning machine or saturated steam cleaning machine is needed.
high-pressure washer
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