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Classification and scope of application of high pressure cleaners.


1. Classification
The biggest difference between the two is that the hot water washing machine adds a heating device that uses the combustion cylinder to heat the water. However, the price of hot water cleaning machines is high and the operating cost is high (because diesel oil is used), many professional customers will choose hot water cleaning machines.

According to the driving engine, there are three categories of motor-driven high-pressure cleaners, gasoline engine-driven high-pressure cleaners and diesel-driven cleaning machines. As the name suggests, these three cleaning machines are equipped with high-pressure pumps, the difference is that they are connected to an electric motor, a gasoline engine or a diesel engine, which drives the high-pressure pump to operate. The advantage of gasoline powered pressure washers and diesel powered washers is that they do not require a power source to operate in the field.

According to the use, it can be divided into three categories: household, commercial and industrial. First, household high-pressure cleaners generally have lower pressure, flow rate and lifespan (usually within 100 hours), and pursue portability, flexibility and ease of operation. Second, commercial high-pressure cleaners have higher requirements on parameters, and are frequently used and used for a long time, so the general life is relatively long. Third, industrial high-pressure cleaners often have some special requirements in addition to general requirements. Water cutting is a good example.

2. Scope of applicationEdit
1. Cleaning and maintenance of various motor vehicles, construction vehicles, construction machinery and agricultural machinery supporting products, such as washing cars, bulldozers, concrete mixers, tractors, etc. It is the most ideal cleaning tool for personal and small vehicle maintenance units to clean cars and motorcycles.

2. Cleaning of building exterior walls, floors, baths, and swimming pools is particularly effective for doors and windows, floors, toilets, oil stains, and corners that are difficult to be cleaned manually.

3. Disinfection and cleaning of food processing plants, food processing machinery and kitchens in hotels and restaurants.

4. Ultra-high pressure cleaners with a pressure of more than 500 bar can chisel concrete, and high-pressure cleaners with higher pressure can even cut and chisel concrete of various grades.
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