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What degree pressure washer nozzle should I use?


What degree pressure washer nozzle should I use?

Choosing the correct tip or pressure washer nozzle degree determines your pressure and cleaning efficiency. The smaller the degree the higher the impact.


There are several nozzle degrees to choose from that give you a choice of different nozzle spray patterns and pressures. Below are the different pressure washer nozzle degrees and are color coded which represent the degree or angle in which they will spray.


Need help selecting the correct size nozzle? Check out our Nozzle Size Guide Here.

It is important to note that the nozzle degree pattern does not affect the nozzle size selection (Orifice size).


Using the wrong nozzle degree can damage the surface you are cleaning.

Red 0°


The red-colored 0 degree nozzle delivers the highest impact as it is a very concentrated stream of water. This nozzle is good for ridding of stubborn stains and dirt from hard surfaces. You would want to avoid using this nozzle on fragile surfaces such as wood.

Yellow 15°

The yellow 15 degree nozzle is known as the chiseling nozzle. This is an excellent choice for stripping paint, grease, and other various stubborn stains.

Green 25°

The green, 25 degree nozzle is typically used for sweeping away dirt and mud. This nozzles larger 25 degree pattern can clean the widest variety of surfaces and also allows for good impact pressure and cleaning coverage.

White 40°

White 40 degree nozzle. This nozzle has a wider dispersion of impact pressure which makes this ideal for washing vehicles, glass, or any other delicate surface.

Rotary Nozzles

Rotary nozzles do not increase pressure, but spray in a circular motion and act as a zero degree nozzle. Depending on how far the lance is from the surface, the circular spray pattern will usually cover a larger area faster than you could move a Zero degree nozzle. Rotary nozzles are great for use on stubborn stains, wall cleaning, paint stripping, and more.

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