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Best High Pressure Washer
  • Best High Pressure WasherBest High Pressure Washer

Best High Pressure Washer

High Pressure Cleaner for Home Made in China can be bought with Low Price from Hangyu, which is a professional high quality Products Manufacturers and Factory in China. We provide Customized Products service. If you want Pricelist and Quotation, you can ask us by leaving a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Product Description

High Pressure Cleaner for Home

• Model: 602B

• Power: 1500 w

• Pressure:130 Bar/1885 Psi

• Rated Flow: 1.27GPM

• Max.Water Inlet Temperature:104℉/40℃

• Product Size:301*266*742 MM

1.Powerful Pressure Washer- Ideal for your home cleaning

1. Powerful Cleaning: It can easily cleaning for homes, buildings, RVs, cars, trucks, boats, patios, lawn equipment and so on. 

2. 4 nozzles: You can change the water pressure by changing the nozzles to adapt to different cleaning tasks. Different colored nozzles represent different pressures.

3. Less noise: Appropriate working sound db will not make you feel annoying, and can work more happily.Safety lock: The lock button is to prevent from spray gun being engaged accidentally. When the button is on “Lock“, the spray gun will be locked.

5. Light weight and easy to use: This power washer is budget-friendly, easy-to-lug and comes with big wheels, which allows this car washer to move easily.

6. With 26ft sturdy pressure hose and 35ft power cord: High-quality hose will not cause you to worry about water leakage, so you can use it without any worries. And 35ft power cord allows you can reach the area you may want to spray off.

This high pressure washer is ideal for your cleaning needs like washing cars, patios, windows, garden furniture, decks and so on.

Its Wide range of use will surprise you. High quality, high performance, you can't go wrong with it.

2.Technical Date :

Power Consumption

1500 W

Max Pressure

130 Bar/1885 Psi

Flow Rate


Auto-Stop System


Pump Material



Lower than 95 db(a)

Power Cable


High Pressure Hose


Spray Gun


Spray Nozzle


Water Filter


Extended Wand


Max. inlet temperature


Optional Accessories

Foam Cannon;

Turbo Lance;

Bend Lance Nozzle Spray

Car Washing Brush;

Angle Nozzles;

3.User-friendly Design




Metal Connector

Safety Lock and Total Stop System

Detergent Bottle

Connect the water inlet pipe and the car jet washer more tightly, so that the water inlet is not easy to leak, provide a stable water flow and ensure that the output water pressure achieves sufficient cleaning effect.

The lock button is to prevent from spray gun being engaged accidentally. When the button is on “Lock“, the spray gun will be locked. When you release the trigger to stop the water flow the pressure washer motor automatically turns off. When you pull the trigger it turns back on. This keeps the pump cooler and increases service life.

Foam cannon simplifies the application of cleaning agents and gives you full control. It is easily filled with any cleaning solution for an extra boost to cleaning performance. And you can hang it on the back of the washer and store it together with the machine, so you won’t be afraid of losing it again.

4.Pressure Washer Storage and Maintenance

Turn It Off

Turn off the pressure washer and unplug it from the outlet, then turn off the spigot or cut off the water source. Squeeze the trigger on the gun a few times until all water pressure is relieved and any remaining water has drained out.

Wrap up the Hose

Remove the garden hose from the spigot to disconnect the pressure washer from its water source. Be sure this is done last since you should never run a pressure washer without flowing water.

Keep it Warm

Now that you've taken care to disassemble and organize your pressure washer and its parts, don't leave it out in the cold. You'll want to store your pressure washer in a place that won't reach freezing temperatures. Unless you've run pump saver through it, your pressure washer pump could freeze and crack if left where temperatures drop below freezing.


Q: Is an electric pressure washer as good as a gas one?

A: Electrical high pressure cleaner for home have the benefit of lower upfront costs and few additional maintenance needs. Electric pressure washers cost less on average, are easier to start and weigh less than gas models. They are also quieter than gas models, due to the lower psi.

Q: Can you make customized designed products?

A: We can make the products according to customer’s requirements, like the size, logo and details.

Q: How long is the factory’s lead time?

A: 45days after the packaging design has confirmed.

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